Tree Conservation

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Can you imagine a world without trees? There would be no shade, no trees full of birds singing wonderful songs, and nothing for kids to climb. Without trees, the world would be a very different place. Unfortunately, due to overuse of this natural resource, some places are already facing this issue. We cut down trees for so many things, and even though some trees are planted to take their place, it takes years for them to grow. Future generations may face a shortage of everything we rely on trees for. This is why tree conservation is so important.

There are a lot of things you can do to help conserve and protect our trees. This includes planting new trees, of course, but it also includes much more. Below are a number of resources that will go into more detail on tree conservation, its benefits, and what you can do to help save our trees.

What is Tree Conservation?

  • What is Tree Conservation? – The geeks at WiseGeek talk about tree conservation, including its goals.
  • How to Conserve Trees – These instructions from eHow includes a list of things you’ll need to begin implementing tree conservation methods.
  • Tree Preservation – The Tree Preservation organization works to preserve and protect one tree at a time.
  • Forest Conservation Facts – Learn about saving the forests and what you can do to help protect the woodlands of the earth. Some of the statistics in this article are shocking.
  • Print Grows Trees: Conservation and Paper – This organization looks at tree conservation and forest management through the eyes of the paper industry.

Benefits of Tree Conservation

Tree Conservation Ideas

  • Conservation Trees – A program implemented by the Arbor Day Foundation to conserve trees. It includes ideas for planting conservation buffers and saving trees during construction.
  • The Tree Protection Toolkit – This kit has a step-by-step method to learning about tree protection and implementing it locally.
  • Useful Methods for Forest Conservation – This article outlines several different methods for conserving trees and reforesting.
  • Planting the Future – Ideas for land stewardship and forest conservation.

Tree Conservation Activities for Kids

Conservation Groups & Programs

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