Embarking on a career as an arborist is not only about embracing a passion for trees and the outdoors but also ensuring that you are adequately prepared with the right equipment for the job. Safety, efficiency, and precision are paramount in arboriculture, and having the proper gear is essential for every arborist. At Western Tree Equipment and Repairs, we provide high-quality climbing and cutting tools tailored for both newbies and seasoned professionals. This guide covers the basics you’ll need to begin your arborist career.


A climbing saddle, or harness, is your foundation for tree climbing. It provides support and distributes weight evenly, making your climb more comfortable. Look for a saddle with ample padding, adjustable straps, and enough rings and loops to attach your tools and gear. Check out the Weaver Cougar Saddle with memory foam pads that has all you need for a comfortable and safe climb.

Climbers (Spikes)

Climbing spikes, or spurs, are attached to your legs and assist in ascending especially tall or unbranching trees. They are ideal for utility or removal work but should be used with caution to avoid harming the tree. These lightweight Climb Right Aluminum Tree Spurs are textured on the bottom for a better grip when walking on tree limbs.


A flipline, or lanyard, is a sturdy cable or rope that wraps around the tree, allowing you to secure yourself while moving upward or working. It’s adjustable and used in conjunction with your saddle for added safety. Consider a flipline with better visibility, like the ProClimb Wire Core Flip Line, that makes it easier to notice signs of wear and flex fatigue.

Rope Grab

Rope grabs are devices that attach to your flipline or climbing rope, allowing for easy adjustment while preventing downward movement in case of a slip. Consider this light Rock Exotica Rope Grab that excels on horizontal lines with its 90 degree connection point.

Throw Ball & Throwline

A throw ball and throwline are used together to establish a high anchor point in the tree. The throw ball, a small weighted sphere, is tied to the end of the throwline and tossed over a desired limb, creating a guide for your climbing rope. The Teufelberger dynaGLIDE Throw Line is a smart choice given its bright color makes it easily visible in the trees.

Throwline Bag or Cube

To keep your throwline organized and tangle-free, a throwline bag or cube is invaluable. It ensures easy deployment and storage of your throwline, saving you time and frustration. If you need to preserve space for your gear, this Weaver Throw Line Storage Cube is a great option as it conveniently folds down into a compact triangle.

Climbing Rope w/ Eye

Your climbing rope is your lifeline. Select a rope, like the Yale XTC 24 Blue Moon, with a spliced eye for easy attachment of carabiners and other devices. Durability, flexibility, and strength are key qualities to look for.


Carabiners are versatile connectors used to attach various pieces of your climbing gear together. Opt for locking carabiners for increased safety, and ensure they meet the appropriate strength standards. At Western Tree Equipment & Repairs, we have a wide selection of carabiners, so you can find what works best for you.

Prusik & Mechanical Prusik

A Prusik loop is a small loop of cord used for ascending the rope or creating friction hitches. Make sure to look for something with efficient heat resistance, like the All Gear Friction 8™ Prusik Line. The Prusik loop’s mechanical counterpart, the Mechanical Prusik, offers ease of use and quick adjustment, perfect for beginners.

Hitch Climber Pulley

The Hitch Climber Pulley is designed to work with your friction hitch, enhancing the efficiency of your rope climbing system. It’s a compact and reliable addition to your climbing setup. The DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric has evolved from the triple attachment pulley to provide a more efficient climbing experience.

Professional Helmet

A quality climbing helmet protects against falling debris and accidental impacts. Models with an unventilated outer shell, like the Petzl VERTEX Helmet, protect against electrical hazards and flames. This modular helmet can also accommodate a headlamp, ear protection and more!

Chainsaw Lanyard

A chainsaw lanyard secures your chainsaw to your saddle, ensuring it’s always within reach and preventing a dangerous fall if you lose grip.Consider this Weaver 46″ Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard which includes a locking carabiner for extra loss prevention.

Hand Saw and Scabbard

For precise cutting where a chainsaw can’t reach, a hand saw is indispensable. A scabbard protects the blade (and you) when the saw is not in use and allows for easy access while climbing. The Silky Zubat Professional 330mm hand saw is now even easier and safer to use with its updated design.

Chest Harness

A chest harness adds stability and support to your climbing system, particularly when using a foot ascender. It helps keep you upright and distributes weight evenly. Consider a harness with wider spaced shoulder straps, like the Petzl TOP CROLL L chest harness, for a more comfortable fit.

Foot Ascender & Knee Ascender

Foot and knee ascenders assist in your ascent by gripping the climbing rope as you step upward, making your climb more efficient. They’re especially useful for long ascents, reducing fatigue. The Petzl PANTIN foot ascender, available in both left and right versions, is a great option due to its excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion-resistant straps.

Find Your Arborist Gear At Western Tree Equipment & Repairs

This kit from Western Tree Equipment and Repairs equips you with everything you need for safe and effective tree climbing. The right gear is crucial for your safety and can improve your climbing experience. Shop our range of professional arborist equipment HERE.

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