Buckingham Port-A-Wrap Mini


The Port-a-Wrap from Buckingham Manufacturing is a simple, but brilliant device. Anchor this tool to the base of a tree with a whoopie or eye sling, and give it a couple wraps and to lower heavy objects down with expert control. The Port-a-Wrap has a large enough diameter to the prevent rope damage common with other systems. Designed for 1/2″ rope.

The Port-A-Wrap III is a friction device designed for lowering wood with ropes. This simple tool allows quick wrapping and unwrapping of working lines, without the time consuming need to remove the device from its anchor point. The Port-A-Wrap III requires use of a whoopie sling or similar choker to anchor it to a tree. The tree that is being lowered from or a tree nearby can be used as the anchoring point, as long as it is clearly substantial enough to withstand the load at hand. Redesigned in1998 by inventors Scott Profitt and Norm Hall, this ingenious device features a solid steel ring design to better retain line and maximize strength to the brake itself. The working part of the tube requires only 2 to 3 wraps to bring even the biggest loads softly to the ground and has a long hitch pin on the end for cleating off your line.

The Port-A-Wrap Mini is extremely compact, and made of plated steel for maximum wear and strength. For those that wish to lift heavy limbs or simply pretension the line, Norm and Scott have incorporated an eye on the end providing room for clipping in a pulley for greater mechanical advantage. Now, with our block and tackle set you can obtain 5 times the lifting power of every pull! Small Port-A-Wrap III for lines up to 1/2″ diameter rope.  (1,000 SWL)

COLOR: Black


ROPE CAPACITY: 5/8 in (16mm)



IA: 0-0-14


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