Field and Laboratory Guide to Tree Pathology


The Second Edition of this classic text is completely up-to-date with new chapters, new information on diseases, updated citations, and revised taxonomy and terminology of the fungi, bacteria, and other organisms that affect trees.

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Field and Laboratory Guide to Tree Pathology presents field and laboratory techniques as well as basic information for students, foresters, plant scientists, and arboriculturalists on tree disease pathology. The revised edition includes expanded historical documentation, updated taxonomy and terminology for both pests and diseases, an entirely new introduction, new chapters on tree biology, general control strategies, and diagnostic techniques. A new section of color plates will help readers in the identification of tree pathogens. All the references have been comprehensively updated, and the exercises included for students have been revised, making this guide a useful tool for students, teachers, and practitioners interested in tree disease.

Key Features

  • Contains new chapters on tree biology, general control strategies, and diagnostic techniques
  • Includes additional information on the histories of disease
  • Provides thoroughly updated citations
  • Contains comprehensively revised taxonomy and terminology


Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, faculty, and industry practitioners interested in arboriculture, forestry, plant science, botany, plant pathology, and related disciplines.

Table of Contents

Concepts and Techniques for Understanding, Identifying, and Controlling Tree Diseases:
Tree Biology.
Sterile Technique.
Diagnostic Techniques.
Preservation of Diseased Specimens and Pathogens.
General Control Strategies.
Diseases Caused by Infectious Agents:
Foliage Diseases.
Vascular Wilt Diseases.
Canker Diseases.
Rust Diseases.
Root Diseases.
Discoloration and Decay in Living Trees.
Bacterial Diseases.
Vascular Bacterial Diseases.
Virus Diseases.
Nematode Diseases.
Diseases Caused by Parasitic Seed Plants.
Diseases Caused by Noninfectious Agents:
Temperature Extremes.
Moisture Extremes.
Nutrient Abnormalities.
People Pressure Diseases.
Field and Laboratory Exercises:
Symptoms and Signs.
Collection and Identification of Powdery Mildews.
Disease Sample Collection.
Isolations of Vascular Wilt Pathogens.
Detection of Starch Reserves in Trees.
Koch’s Postulates.
Extraction of Nematodes from Soil and Roots.
Observations of Mycorrhizae.
Development of Crown Gall.
Appraisal of Shade Trees.
Detection of Hazard Trees.
Effects of Salt on Tree Seedlings.
Detection of Discoloration and Decay in Wood.
Figure Captions.

Product Details

No. of pages: 358
Language: English
Copyright: © Academic Press 1997
Published: August 13, 1997
Imprint: Academic Press

About the Authors

Robert Blanchard
Affiliations and Expertise
University of New Hampshire, Durham, U.S.A.

Terry Tattar
Affiliations and Expertise
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A.


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