Greenteeth LoPro® Bolt


The LoPro® bolts feature a 1/2” allen drive and are grade 8 heat treated for superior wear resistance. For use with LoPro® pockets, designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pocket. These bolts make up for the shortcomings of standard allen bolts.

With the LoPro® design, by reducing the thickness of the pockets and a new design it allowed to increase the steel under the bolts head which in turn created a stronger pocket. A slot at the end of the bolt helps with quick extraction of a broken bolt. With the LoPro® design it has increased the surface area of the pocket which in turn better distributes the torque of the bolt into the wheel.

Recommendations: GREEN-SEIZE™ is a premium anti-seize compound composed of fine copper and graphite powders in a high-heat organic carrier. We recommend lubricating the threads of the pocket bolts to make removal easier.

How to measure bolt length:

  • Green Bolts are measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the bolt. They are not measured by shank only.


  • Series: LoPro®
  • Allen Drive Size: 1/2″
  • Torque: 180 ft. lbs. with GREEN-SEIZE™, or 240 ft. lbs. dry.
  • Pocket Compatibility: Designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pocket
  • Larger surface area on the angled shoulder for greater holding power
  • Smooth shank that reduces wheel wear
  • Hardness: Grade 8 Heat treated for superior wear resistance.

Sizing Chart:

1-3/4″ Bolt is used for 3/8″ wheels
Manufacturer Part Number: LP-134

2″ Bolt is used for 1/2″ wheels
Manufacturer Part Number: LP-200

2-1/4″ Bolt is used for for 3/4″ wheels
Manufacturer Part Number: LP-214

2-1/2″ Bolt is used for 1″ wheels
Manufacturer Part Number: LP-212

3″ Bolt is used for 1-1/2″ wheels
Manufacturer Part Number: LP-300

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1-3/4" BOLT, 2" BOLT, 2-1/4" BOLT, 2-1/2" BOLT, 3" BOLT


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