KASK Hearing Protection Earmuffs – SC2 – Yellow


Yellow-colored earmuffs used in environments with medium-to-high noise levels (NRR 28 db). Typical applications include: building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc. Attaches directly to all Zenith Series helmets. Requires Plasma Earmuff Adaptors to attach to all Plasma, Superplasma and HP series helmets.

Categories: SKU: 4571


  • Standard 30 m slot
    Attaches to integrated 30 mm (Euro) slots
  • Color-coded performance level
    Color-coded to indicate noise reduction performance level
  • Easy size adjustment
    Adjusts seamlessly to almost any head shape or size
  • Non-conductive
    Made with materials that do not conduct heat or electricity
  • Certified for use with KASK helmets
    Performance tested with all KASK safety helmets

Technical Description

Product Code: WHP00005

Designed to work with all KASK helmets

Ear Cups and Spacer: ABS thermoplastic
Foam Liner: Polyether
Weight: 320g
SNR: 28-29 dB (A)
Category: III


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