KASK Hearing Protection Earmuffs – SC3 – Orange


Orange-colored earmuffs used in environments with high noise levels (NRR 31 db). Typical applications include: airports, car racing, while using pneumatic drills, etc. Attaches directly to all Zenith Series helmets. Requires Plasma Earmuff Adaptors to attach to all Plasma, Superplasma and HP series helmets.

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  • Standard 30 m slot
    Attaches to integrated 30 mm (Euro) slots
  • Color-coded performance level
    Color-coded to indicate noise reduction performance level
  • Easy size adjustment
    Adjusts seamlessly to almost any head shape or size
  • Non-conductive
    Made with materials that do not conduct heat or electricity
  • Certified for use with KASK helmets
    Performance tested with all KASK safety helmets

Technical Description

Product Code: WHP00006

Designed to work with all KASK helmets

Ear Cups and Spacer: ABS thermoplastic
Foam Liner: Polyether
Weight: 350g
SNR: 29-31 dB (A)
Category: III


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