Preformed Line Products Tree Cabling Tool (Lag Spinner)


PLP’s Tree Cabling Tool is designed to provide an easier way to drive lag screws into wood. It works in tree cabling systems with PLP’s TREE-GRIP™ Dead-ends. The Tree Cabling Tool is made from solid aluminum to provide maximum strength and performance.

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Take the pain out of tightening lag screws with PLP’s Tree Cabling Tool. This new, must-have tool is designed to provide an easier way for arborists to drive lag bolts into wood. Cast from strong, yet lightweight aluminum, the Tree Cabling Tool design provides a sturdy handle with a bend in the metal and a hooked end with a point designed for driving in all sizes of J-Hook and Eye-Lag screws. It also features convenient measuring marks and a 15/16″ wrench end for tightening bolts and securing the Tree Cabling Tool to your gear.


  • Made of high-quality, lightweight aluminum
  • Long, pointed tip is designed to accommodate hardware of all sizes
  • 15/16″ internally-tapered wrench that won’t slide down and over your bolt
  • Measuring marks on handle in 1/4″ increments for quick reference


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