Yale 10mm Bee-Line Eye & Eye Prusik – 30″


Yale Bee-Line eye to eye prusiks are a popular friction hitch for professional arborists. This prusik has two sewn spliced eyes, which fit snugly over many carabiners, keeping everything nice and tidy.

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Yale Bee-Line is constructed of a blend of Vectran, Polyester and Technora. It has one of the highest melting points of any friction cord available. Combined with the high strength and heat resistance of the Vectran core (620 degree melting point), Bee-Line is unbeatable for long life and performance. Features a 75% Technora (900 degree melting point) 25% Polyester (480 degree melting point) sleeve with a 11,000 lb. average breaking strength. 10mm Bee-Line works best with 1/2″ (12.7-14mm) climbing rope.

Rope Diameter: 3/8″ (10mm)
Cover Melting Point: 800 F (425C)
Mfg Average Breaking Strength:11,000 lbs (50 kN)
Rope Construction: Vectran core, 75% Technora / 25% Polyester cover


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