Sterling 9/16″ Atlas Rigging Line


Newly constructed 9/16″ arbor rigging line designed for dynamic rigging loads. Polyester sheath with nylon core. Made in the USA.


9/16” Arbor Rigging Line

Core/Sheath: Nylon/Polyester

This 9/16” Atlas rigging line has been completely redesigned and is now 32% stronger than our previous 9/16” model. The new core construction has lowered the static elongation but still allows rope to absorb energy/impact force and can limit peak forces when catching wood in negative rigging applications. The tightly braided polyester sheath resists picking, and protects the core without sacrificing handling and flexibility. The 9/16”, along with the other diameters in the Atlas series are ideal for use in a Port-a-Wrap, capstan winch or rigging blocks. The Atlas is spliceable or can be ordered with a sewn eye for knotless rigging.

Available Length(s): 600′ | 183 m


Diameter (mm): 14.0
ABS Rating (kN): 61.2
Diameter (in): 9/16
Elongation at 300 lb (%):  0.8
Weight (lb/100′): 8.9
Elongation at 10% MBS (%)  4.5
ABS Rating (lb): 13,750
Sewn Eye MBS (lb): 11,050

Manufacturer Part Number: AT140060183




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